Daily Facial Cleansing for Long Term Anti-Ageing

Cleansing your face and neck every morning and evening with the appropriate cleanser to suit your skin type is the most important part of your daily skincare routine.

At the start of puberty cleansing morning and evening is the best time to begin the routine. Prior to this age the face should only be washed with water.

Soap should never be used on the face as it leaves a residue which causes the skin to feel tight and dry. Cleansers are available specifically for the face and neck and have the correct ph to leave your skin clean, refreshed, supple with no tight feeling.

French women are well known for their passion for facial cleansing. To them it is the most important part of their beauty routine. It is well documented that French women can look 10 years younger than their British counterparts from middle age due to their cleansing routine.

The face and neck should be cleansed every morning. Cleanser about the size of a 10 pence piece should be poured into the hand and then massaged well into the entire face and neck for at least 30 seconds, avoiding the eyes, adding a little water while massaging before being rinsed off with water at the sink or in the shower. The massaging movements help to stimulate new blood to the area and lift dead cells from the skin’s surface.

In the evening before bed the face and neck should be cleansed twice – the first to remove the make-up, if worn, and the dirt of the day and then on the second cleanse massage well into the skin as in the morning routine and rinse off to completely cleanse any residue of dirt and grime and make-up. You may rinse with clean tepid water or use a clean face cloth or damp cotton wool. Pat the skin dry. After the cleanse you may apply your moisturiser and lastly in the morning your Sunlight Protection of at least SPF30.

NEVER use wipes to cleanse your face. Not only are they bad for the environment due to the plastic content, but they also contain alcohol which is not only drying but cause long term damage to the skin’s delicate natural barrier which protects your skin from bacteria and pollutants.

There are so many cleansers available to suit every skin type. For instance acne prone skins should look for a cleanser containing lactic acid and/or glycolic acid. These cleansers can be used at the end of the day to remove excess oil and cleanse deep into the pores to help reduce the build up of bacteria and dead skin cells that cause blockage and spots. In the morning a gentle cleanser can be used to remove excess oil accumulated during sleep.

At Hough Green Clinic we offer a wide range of cleansers to suit all skin types from MEDIK8 and Dermaquest.