Dehydration – Cause and Remedies

Our skin has a very clever built in barrier that locks in moisture. However, if this barrier is damaged or impaired in any way the skin will struggle to retain moisture. Signs that the barrier is damaged are dull grey looking skin, increased lines and wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes, tight feeling skin, dry and rough skin that can become sensitive and sometimes itchy. Extreme heat or cold causes damage to the skin barrier, abrasive cleansers or harsh exfoliation too. Sun exposure from overheating reduces hydration and air conditioning reduces humidity in the air. Central heating is another problem for hydration.

Cleansing the skin is key to a healthy skin, but a gentle cleanser is essential. A soft gentle cloth, cotton wool or just plenty of water is perfect for cleansing the face and neck and then pat dry with a towel. Facial skin wipes are not recommended for any facial cleansing routine.

Dull, dry skin can be caused by a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and a gentle exfoliation once every two weeks will help to return skin to a healthy glow. Also your moisturiser will perform to its maximum.  Skin will produce more oil if the skin is dehydrated thus causing blocked pores and acne problems. Sunbathing causes production of more oil. It may appear to dry out spots in the short term but the increase in the oil production from the heat causes miserable outbreaks. I always advise acne sufferers to sleep on their back and definitely not on their stomach with their face in the pillow as the heat causes production of more oil and then more spots.

Drinking plenty of water i.e. 1..2 – 1.5 litres a day is recommended for hydration of the body. A healthy diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables are also good for hydration. Foods rich in fatty acids such as salmon, tuna and walnuts are excellent for strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Sleep also helps to restore and hydrate the skin – 7 to 8 hours sleep per night is optimal for skin health.

Daily topical moisturising is essential. Our ever popular PRIORI Barrier Restore moisturiser performs exactly as is it says restoring and repairing the skin’s natural barrier. It is particularly excellent for very sensitive reddened skin and acne prone skin. MEDIK8 also have excellent moisturisers.

Our MEDIK8 facials and facial peels are perfect for giving the skin a hydration boost.

Hydrated skin improves elasticity, plumping out the skin and therefore appearing more youthful.

Jane Bryant

Advanced Skin Health Specialist

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