Skin Tags, Seborrhoeic Warts, Campbell de Morgan Cherry Spots, Common Warts, Verrucae

We can be affected by one or many of the above during our life and although none are life threatening they can be unsightly and many will grow in size if left untreated. Verrucae can be painful too.

  • Seborrhoeic keratosis warts can grow very large and can even merge into one another. They appear mainly after the age of 40. They are flat, dark brown or black, on the surface of the skin, often have a rough warty texture and have a stuck on appearance.
  • Skin tags are stalks with a mushroom appearance on the surface of the skin. The can be caused by friction and are commonly found around the neck, under the arms and under breasts. They are viral and can appear singularly or in groups.
  • Campbell de Morgan cherry spots appear in adults on the torso with age. The red spots vary in size and are dome shaped or raised.

At Hough Green Clinic we treat all the above by Cryotherapy using the Cryopen. The CryoPen removes skin imperfections quickly and effectively. It emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure with millimetre precision.

As a tiny drop of liquid nitrogen is released from the pen onto the area to be treated only, the surrounding tissue is not affected. It is incredibly accurate and with minimal discomfort. There is an analgesic effect by the cold temperature of the freezing.

The freezing removes all viral cells associated with warts and verrucae. The procedure is not painful, just a little irritation and slightly itchy for a few minutes following the treatment. It is also perfect for treating children’s verrucae and warts.

A full consultation is carried out before treatment. Small imperfections are usually treated successfully after one treatment, whereas larger verrucae, warts or seborrhoeic keratosis warts may need additional treatment. Treatments start from £55.00.

Please call the Clinic if you require further information regarding the treatment or to make an appointment.